Amplifier of Austin Soccer

Amplifier is our name and our mission. We believe in highlighting the growing soccer culture in Austin and making sure locally and internationally Austin is a soccer city.

Austin’s newest supporters organization is made up of many voices and we will operate as a very modern, forward thinking, and inclusive group – while still integrating traditional supporter customs and culture.

Soccer Curious or Not a Sports Type?

Amplifier can help. If you’ve never been a sports fan, but are interested in soccer and like groups of people having fun, we’re welcoming of people just discovering the beautiful game. Many of us are new to it too.

We’re also an inclusive group and want to have a membership that represents Austin’s diversity. Covered in tattoos? Vegan hipster? Rocking a pocket protector? In a band? CrossFit addict? We love it!Come stand, sing, and chant with us.

Family Supporters / Family ofSupporters

On one side of the stadium, we’ll have some of the most passionate and loud fans cheering and singing – and they’re just the kids. In collaboration with the Austin Aztex, we’ll also have a group of members in a dedicated section for family-friendly supporting.

On the other side, we’ll be collaborating with other adult supporters and bringing the noise, energy, and fun. Combined, we’ll amplify the stadium in stereo.

MLS in Austin

We’re the first supporters group organized to bring a Major League Soccer franchise to Austin and a new supporters group for the Austin Aztex: the organization that wants to be that team. Learn more about out MLS plans and aspirations in our MLS in Austin portal.